Not sure where to get started? Don't worry – we've seen and done it all before, so we can help you make the right moves. We tailor a custom approach for each and every one of our clients, meaning we'll be as involved as you need us to be.

We’ll help you make the right moves.

Holistic Strategy

We help your company take advantage of available opportunities through innovation and overall strategy. We work with you to exploit new ideas and new technologies, and develop a complete project plan to ensure that your product launch is as seamless as possible. From your initial idea to the shelves of a store, we have retail and distribution connections to speed up the entire process. We start selling before your product is fully completed.

Market Research

If you want to get an edge on the competition, you have to know what they’re doing. We analyze what’s working and what’s not, both within your internal strategy and the competitor’s. We collaborate with you to develop a marketing plan that is custom tailored to reach your desired customer. This market research not only strengthens your overall strategy, but it enhances the outcomes from our creative and engineering team as well.

Sales & Distribution

With a detailed business plan in place, we’re able to tell where you are, and where your company will be going. We help educate, train and mobilize a sales team to get your products in front of prospective buyers. We find the best distributor for your company and help manage relationships and expectations. We’ll help you every step of the way so you aren’t missing a beat.

Ideation & Improvements

The retail landscape is ever evolving – the ways customers buy products are changing, as well as the what they have come to expect from their products…and that means your business and products need to keep up. We help generate new ideas to keep your products on the forefront of trending technologies, designs, and retailers. We can help you determine when to scale your business or when to adjust your strategies.

Patent Research

We pull information from a collection of databases to make sure your product is protected. We help convey technical information and ensure that all of the necessary information is provided for your patent applications. This process can also assist you and our team of product designers to identify gaps in the market, and help you fill those gaps with patentable products.

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